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The Lovers Medallion and Haters Medallion are my two favorite cosmetic items in the game, although I can never have them on new accounts I've created which really bums me out.

On top of this, very few necklace slot items that produce particle effects exist in the game. Only other one I can think of is the Bat necklace.

I really believe this is a cosmetic slot that could use a little more love and would allow for more complete outfits and fashionScape throughout Gielinor :)

So I suggest new content, as well as possibly adding these to Solomon's, although make them quite expensive so only people that really want them will buy said items. Maybe 1000-1500 rune coins EACH.

I would buy all of them! Although I don't think there would be a drastic amount enter the game at 1000-1500 runecoins each. Therefor this wouldn't devalue the items already in the game by a significant amount.

Once again cosmetics are larger than ever in Rs3, a huge part of the game. Everyone loves their Fashion Scape. You see new cosmetic items, of mostly all slots, enter the game every month. I'm just asking for a little more love for the necklace slot.

Jagex profits, and we the players that really miss these items profit.

If you support bringing back or adding the Lovers Medallion, Haters Medallion, Bat Necklace and any other particle necklace slot items that exist please show support. Ty

06-Oct-2018 21:40:25

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People like to vilify Jagex; what they don't realize, however, is that there are certain (horrible) people who make them think such behavior is acceptable (see: OP). “Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.”

07-Oct-2018 03:55:56

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