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Ok, they talked about raising Farming and Herblore to 120.
I get that.

They also talked about doing incremental increase in level if the content only fits it. (ie: raising to 105 if the content they add really only merits it)

So yes, we get Player Owned Farms: Dinosaur edition.
But are we really getting not just Dinos, but 20+ total new Farming Plants, Herbs, secondaries, flowers, etc?

On Herblore, the same thing, are we get 15+ new potions?

It's one thing to have 2-4 level gaps (ie: they add 17 pieces of content, but skip levels 102, 111 and 118). It's another to add 10 potions/trees and skip a level each time (ie: 100, 102, 104, etc have content, but 101, 103, 105 etc are open)

If we're not getting 15+ unlocks for the 2 skills, maybe you should consider only raising the caps to 110 and wait till later for 120.

07-Oct-2019 01:20:30

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As for the choice of skills - both are among the ones that make good use of 99 levels, so they're fairly fitting candidates for the extension.

I don't think they will fully make use of those 21 new levels, but for both skills the anouncements make them more worthwile to be 120 than let's say dungeoneering. Maybe it even includes features below 99 (98 farming would be an empty level for instance as well).

Farming literally uses something of most its main features after all (7 animals, 11 pieces of produce).

And for potions - shouldn't be that hard to get the table properly filled.
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07-Oct-2019 10:07:28

Mr Rey Ray
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You had listened to Runefest you would know Jagex are expanding the Farming & Herblore skill to level 120. There will be content at every level.

Keeping them at 120 is fine. Soon all skills will become 120.
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07-Oct-2019 10:22:35

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Plenty of content coming to fill 99-120 from listening to Runefest.

Really excited as the stuff coming sounds promising. Here's hoping it arrives on time and meets expectations :)

07-Oct-2019 11:39:40

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