120 Farming/herblore

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How does this add up?

Jagex: "We're listening to the players"

Also Jagex:"We're interpreting at least some of the 'not interesting at all' for 120s as 'we don't like the way you've handled 120s not that we dislike 120s in general.'"

Also Also Jagex:"Construction 120 & Rework didn't rank as high as we though. Construction rework on its own was highest rank last time so there is a drop of around 10% adding 120 into it."

Jagex:"HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE'S 120 Herblore and Farming!"
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See, construction might rate higher, but it will take a lot more time/resources cause of the bad coding.

they did announce they we're working on 2 120's a few months ago, It would only make sense they we're paired in some way.

construction still has the entire "If we touch this it breaks" code.

I don't know if they are working on the code at all or if it'll come after mobile is secured and achieved.
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Microtransactions are not a problem for me. Itís a choice players can choose to partake in, and I am not one of those people (120 all one account, several 120/200ms this account). MTX donít effect me or my play style, so as a business especially in a gaming market, I understand profit mentality. Before people jump to conclusions however, time commitment is far more valuable than financial commitment for me. I donít have the time to play the way I am used to anymore. Added content such as this makes achievements on my accounts null and void. Time consumption to convert what I earned into new content is not viable for me. MTX wonít effect the speed of my conversion rate for new materials (and anyone else who has achieved ultra-end game content). For many like myself, time is the enemy, not the corporate environment presented by MTX. -
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While I know alot of people say I do not buy any MTX so it does not effect me. This statement is false as MTX is designed to effect the game not certain players and we all play the same game regardless of if we buy extras or not.

The most common way for it to effect the game is to provide a unrealistic time lock to certain activities. In RS3 it can be implemented in less xp per hour activities. People have noticed that they are nerfing xp rates while at the same time planing to expand the skills, so you will need to grind for longer making the keys that much more attractive. This effects even the people who do not buy as you need to grind for longer.

The sad thing is that this type of model while lucrative will always kill off games. Modern games that use this method get re-released every 1-2 years and the cycle starts again. RS3 does not have this option as the player base is what is keeping it alive not so much new players coming in.

Please just because you can play with out MTX does not mean that it optimized for the enjoyment of those not paying. If they have membership it should be for those people, anything beyond that takes away instead of adds value.

Personally I do not think MTX should ever be a option in any game, but given it is here to stay I think that it should not touch core aspects of any game. Anything that effects the game should be disallowed because it creates a artificial time stop.

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Yeah, just grind 250 hrs to get enough herbs and seeds for 120 farming/herblore. Or you could spend 5b for both 120s. Terrible decision by jagex to make them 120 this early. They should have waited until 2022 so casuals can get the 120s at their slow pace.

05-Nov-2019 01:56:45

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