Masterwork items?

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I have to admit that I'm not really following the M&S rework news and updates after the last beta. May be someone who does can answer the following questions regarding the Masterwork items(or at least point me to a thread where they have been answered):

All questions are about the regular Masterwork items (the ones that do not require PvM drops)

1. Has it been already decided if these items will degrade? If they will degrade, will they degrade to dust?

2. Will these items be augmentable?

3. If the items will be augmentable and degradable, will augmentation change the way they degrade?

08-Oct-2018 02:37:04

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From design docs project summary.

Masterwork armour has an item level of 90 and requires level 90 defence to wear. Masterwork armour is power armour. Masterwork armour degrades to broken. Consumable smithing items are needed to repair them. The platebody and platelegs are augmentable.
Not sure about the 3rd point, was a discord discussion about how to make it fit in with existing T90 and the fact it's value is connected to trimmed masterwork and the time and amount of charges it should take to degrade.

08-Oct-2018 10:12:30

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