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Hello all! With the intro of the new skill Warding, I thought it would be cool for me to run an idea by the community.

Range has the cannon that is available after completion of dwarf cannon, but why do we not have an ability to train magic the same way? Well, I'm here to give a little incite on that.

With the rework of zeah, I feel that it would only be fitting that this Magical weapon be awarded after completion of a quest around the Arceuus house. With their superior magical knowledge, this could be available to the player after devoting their time to helping the Arceuus House. The quest could be made friendly for all accounts so everyone has the ability to acquire this powerful magical weapon.

The way it would work is simple, just like the cannon it would be assemble by the player after purchasing the parts, although instead of it being a cannon, its a huge staff! After the player has assembled all the pieces an animation of the player would be shown slamming the staff into the ground. It would be charged with runes appropriate to the attack spell you want to cast.

Gaining xp would function similar to the cannon. For example, "splashing" fire strike gives 11.5 xp, using the cannon would give 6 xp for hitting a 0. The xp rate would increase depending on what you hit. No HP xp would be rewarded and only half slayer xp.

Charging the cannon with appropriate runes would allow the player to use the cannon for X amount of charges. Also, this would give talismans another use in the game, for each elemental talisman would represent 100 of each elemental runes, while the catalyst talisman(mind,chaos,death,blood,wraith) would represent 50 runes allowing players to charge it with talismans.

I feel this could help with an alternative way to train magic for all account as well as clean up the splashing fest outside of lumbridge castle and other parts of the game.

Again, this is just a rough idea. All Feedback wanted! Hope this gets you thinking!

10-Oct-2018 17:16:32

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This warding thing is a development suggestion for OSRS.

Yes I sadly have to say you did post this thread in the wrong part of the forums.
I would suggest to ask a F mod to move this thread or lock it and make a new one at the OSRS part of the forums.

10-Oct-2018 18:35:49

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