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Dedde 91

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So as we know the mining and smithing update is in the works. And according to an update vlog we know that if the rework is successful similair approaches are going to be given to range and magic as well. The focus in this thread is about enhancing armor within an armor tier.

So I wanted this to be a thread were we could discuss how a good revamp could be for magic armor. Can't we take some input from the suggested warding skill for osrs into Rs3? Well here are some ideas...

Item sink through magic/runecrafting

It could imbuing runes into armor. Mind runes for hats and pesky body runes for the rest etc etc. Higher tiers more costly runes... yadayada...yawn.. boring

Or maybe just sew 3k imp beads on your favorite magic armor? YES! Maybe drop 5 robe tops in a pentagram and spam it with magic until it evolves? Whoah! Any more funny ideas?

Revive old content and skills

Components for enhancing armor could be through a reward from a dead minigame such as (every minigame?) rc-guild, fist of guthix etc etc.

OR it could be through actually runecrafting? I mean who is actually going to altars in 2018?
Go to an altar and enhance the armor. A nice idea would be that the corresponding altar could give a small small perk for that armor. Why not?

Actually making firemaking a viable skill?! YES! through runecrafting one could BURN magic robes while absorbing their runic energy. Higher runecrafting and firemaking= more energy absorbed while burning those dusty robes. BAM item sink and viable skill in a single stroke.

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Dedde 91

Dedde 91

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What are your ideas? Maybe something with necromancy? Combining souls with your favorite gandalf garments?

I myself would take out all those annoying pets and suck those poor souls RIGHT into my dark mystic armor (yes i am f2p)

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