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R0LL 538

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In case you ever grow enough brain cells to wonder why this game isn't going anywhere I'll leave this post here. In case you don't, you can lock it, marry it,delete it, fuck whatever you want with it.

You release 10 updates 9 of which are for maxed people and 1 update with a demi-boss for lvl 100s to train bossing on because its simple to kill and then don't even bother to make it an instance...every world instantly becomes plagued by maxed nolives with super stupid gear that can basically 1 hit the thing...and it stays that way for days sometimes weeks. By the time the 100 or so maxed nolifes are done jerking off the boss its no longer worth killing.

Killed the boss for 6 hours and scored a total of 1 kill.

In case you ever wonder why no new players come onto the game and 99% of the new accounts created are bots...there you you know why. Go fuck yourself.

Yours truly a lvl 100,

05-Jul-2019 23:15:13

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