Ring of Rares / Ring of Random

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Gamez X said:
Huh wow, was very surprised to see this come up in the game cus i actually gave it as a suggestion on reddit a few weeks ago XD

Way i designed it, its just like the ring of coins for trolling people, turns you into old rares . Reason i called it ring of rares was in my picture i gave options to turn into all the old tradable rares but looks like they're only going for the phats. Would of thought they'd call it ring of phat's in that case but perhaps they're just sticking with that name cus thats what i called it originally. Wonder if they're gonna use the graphics and item icon i made for them aswell =P

Seems like this item has something to do with mod lee's stream this sunday so must tune in for that =3

Did everyone stand up and clap after?

06-Apr-2019 18:48:56

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