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Please note:
This not a request to make content F2P. This is simply an overview of what could be F2P.

We've seen devs slowly make a few more quests and content F2P
Keep in mind, there is a limit to what can be done:
- Level limits - F2P is capped at Level 5 in several skills. While content can always be lowered in requirement, sometimes, it just isn't feasible in terms what fits with the quest (ie: you need to plant a Willow or Apple Tree)
- Location - there are still a lot of locations that are not F2P accessible for various reasons. Morytania, Kandarin, Entrana, Void Knight Island, etc. Biggest reason is that being able to go there is supposed to encourage you to get membership so you can do more and more content.
- Boss/PvM difficulty - not all quest combat is created equal. But F2P does have caps on what gear and food and prayers can be used. Some of which can be a nuisance for a high level player maybe only using T70+. this makes it more difficult for an F2P player whose best food only heals 1400 in 1 bite.
- Other pre-reqs - while the quest itself could be doable on F2P, it's the fact that other quests in P2P areas have to be done first

Taking those into consideration, here are some things that maybe kinda sorta could become F2P if DEVELOPERS decided to do it.

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Frem Sagas
Thok it to 'em - F2P can access the floors required to get the "scribbled notes" and have the Strength Level to do it. The main hold back might be the XP reward (it is a fairly large chunk for F2P)

Currently, no miniquests can easily be made F2P

No "tales" are accessible in F2P areas

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All Fired Up - with access to Priest in Peril and Silvarea, the remaining roadblocks to the quest were removed. F2P would not be able to access the Inferno Adze as 1-2 of the beacons require P2P areas. The first reward might be achievable, but the 2nd reward may be out of reach (and effectively need 92 FM for an F2P player to unlock) as some of the beacons do require P2P quests to access or to use the beacon keeper.

Buyers and Cellars - already in Lumbridge, but locked behind the access to the Thieves Guild Basement. Would require tech work to move Darren and Robin out if the basement to start the quest. All actions take place in Lumbridge area.

Impressing the Locals - most of the content takes place in Draynor Village and Port Sarim. Biggest issue is keeping F2P out of The Arc if they have the relevant 90 skills.

Rune Memories - Takes place at Wizard's Tower. Bigger issue is rewards (Rune Ess Chest, talking to demon for pray/magic XP reward).

What Lies Below - takes place mostly in Varrock area. No P2P special skill requirements. Biggest issue is lack of access to Chaos RC altar and Tunnel of Chaos (risk of F2P going to Chaos Tunnels)

Recruitment Drive - no special requirements to start. Issue is more quest xp rewards (2 1k XP lamps in agility and herblore F2P can't use, but not 1st time P2P XP lamps withheld from F2P) and the access to Initiate Armor

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After that, the only remaining quests that could be "close" in terms of becoming F2P, but requiring the massive benevolence of developers to kinda sorta open up other areas ... other quests would be unlikely due to skill reqs over Level 5.

Dimension of Disaster: Coin of the Realm and Shield of Arrav - no real requirements to start these, but quest effectively gives access to majority of New Varrock. And F2P wouldn't be able to progress beyond the first 2 sections, thus leaving a permanently incomplete special quest until they became members.

Lost City - would require access to Entrana (which doesn't have a whole lot of content for F2P to do anyways). Quest in theory could end with the player entering the shack but not actually going to Zanaris.

Mogre Miniquest - would require Slayer requirement remove to talk to Skippy, Snape Grass somehow becoming accessible (or replaced with another item), and choclatey milk being made on F2P. (note: this doesn't give any rewards besides being able to Slay Mogres at 32 Slayer)

Abyssal Miniquest - biggest issues would require adding a 3rd NPC that counts as a teleport to Rune Ess mine and then keeping F2P locked out of P2P accessible RC altars.

Mage Battle Arena - fighting Kolodion could be easily done at 60 Magic (it's just a miniboss fight). Unlikely God Staffs and Divine Storm become F2P accessible.

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Varrock Museum: Natural History Quiz - reward could be made as BXP instead of fixed XP (rewards as 1k Hunter and Slayer XP)

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As for difficulty: Quests have a recommendation of which combat levels you should have (and roughly fitting equipment to it) - if it becomes to high (i.e. recommending stats beyond 60s) the quest certainly shouldn't be f2p, even if it wouldn't have other locks. It helps nobody if players are getting increasingly frustrated due to not having adequate equipment available

As for post quest rewards: High levelled ones for f2p quests are already mostly p2p exclusive (e.g. the xp lamps in the tomb of the fallen after death of chivalry)

Entrana and Zanaris (and quests related to them): I'd suggest given them a makeover + some kind of defined role first before making them available to f2p. If they had some kind of specialty like Menaphos, everybody would benefit from it.

Buyers and cellars: Why? Stealing from men/women awards a flyer at some point directing players to the guild

Impressing the locals: Arc access should remain p2p exclusive.

All fired up: It's hard to tell where the line should actually be drawn, also for the reason players shouldn't have to handle ultra unreasonable level requirements. I know it wouldn't be the first piece of content, but. It might be feasible if free players could just do the quest, while the activity remains locked behind membership (akin to most skilling sets).

Abyss quest: The runecrafter in burthope would be a 3rd alternative - Back then I didn't understood why she didn't count in the first place. I am not sure if the abyss itself should be available to f2p though. Maybe just without the special xp bonus it offers on free worlds?

DoD: I would fully lock it like recipe for disaster - if they can't fully complete it, it shouldn't be f2p.

Mogres: Might be feasible, as for chocolate milk: Since it no longer is this pseudo quest item it was for years it just should be tradeable (like strips of cloth). Might be an option to make chocolate cheesecakes available to f2p as well. As for snape grass - just let it spawn on hobgoblin isle.
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If the Abyssal Miniquest just ended with you turning in the scrying orb, then it would make sense for it to be F2P.
Thing is that you have to go into the Abyss, get into the inner ring, then get back out. In a way, F2P would need "full access" to the Abyss in order to do the miniquest.

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Regarding the Fremennik saga, I'm not sure if there is a linear progression of the storyline from Three's Company, thru Vengeance and Nadir, such that Thok It To 'Em wouldn't make sense from a lore/storyline standpoint. If each Fremennik saga is completely standalone, then I guess it could be possible.

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Dimension of Disaster: No, most of it would have to remain P2P. An unfinishable quest would be silly.

Lost City - Sure why not? And let them enter Zanaris, too. It's a neat area. But no to Dragon dagger/longsword.

Mogre Miniquest - No, because there is no reason for it. Free players don't even interact with regular ogres, so why let them interact with a special variant?

Abyssal Miniquest - No. Runecrafting is too limited to make it useful in any way.

Mage Battle Arena - No. Without the capes and staves, it isn't worth doing. At all.

Varrock Museum - I mean, in relation to the F2P quests that can help add to your Kudos count? Sure. Might as well make the Digsite quest available too. I'm serious. Including the ability unlocks. Since they're just abilities, and they are somewhat risky(the exception is Ice Asylum, which heals about 37.5% of max health at most, slightly less than Rejuvenate, but with the perk of not needing a shield), I don't see the harm in it.

Chaos Tunnels - Sorta yes, I would like to see Chaos runes made craftable in F2P. Same goes for Nature, Law, and Death runes.

Frem Saga - No. I fail to see why it should be added.

I'm gonna add one more:

Hero's Quest

Some prerequisites would have to be changed, and a few locations that must be visited would also need to be changed or altered in some way, but since it requires less quest points than the total in F2P(which is 69 at the moment... giggity), I believe it is about time for it to be added to the F2P quest list. Just, don't give them the Dragon mace and battleaxe unlocks. Allow use of Amulet of glory and Ring of wealth in F2P, and then free players can use the fountain there to recharge them. Much of the glory's teleports are in F2P areas, and as for the Ring of Wealth, the Grand Exchange teleport would be the main reason to make it an F2P item. The whole Luck mechanic wouldn't cause any problems in F2P as a Ring of luck, which is Tier 1 Luck, covers all of the F2P bosses anyway.
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