The Land out of time

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There is already a sticky for this here :)

Tenebri said:
this is about what you think it will be.

Well you could use the sticky, especially when you don't have that much content on the OP. So I was letting you know in case you didn't see that :)
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Lucifer Char
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Lucifer Char

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I quite like the title at least. Can mean the creatures there or the stuff to do with the Needle.
I think we'll see some new dragonkin experiments. What other creatures could they have come up with than dragons? :D Or what horrors their experiments could have released... No idea!
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21-May-2019 18:54:45

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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It's pretty much given that we'll get a new quest for Kudos Island at least, possibly equivalent to Bone Voyage from OSRS. They cannot conceivably not make a quest I reckon. And the canal barge is shown in the trailer. Apart from a quest, I am hoping for some kind of archaeology minigame in the style of Livid Farm or Herblore Habitat (but differently themed of course). But I have no idea what we'll get to be frank.

Very excited about this!
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21-May-2019 19:26:11

Light Gaia
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Light Gaia

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That can't be it. I think Jagex said the next quest would take place right after Desp times. I imagine it'll be quite a large quest then, especially if the Dragonkin (Or the Dactyl faction) are featured as the mains in this quest.

21-May-2019 21:46:32

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I see a tropical island with palm trees. Sunny, a lot of green on the ground. Something much like Karamja perhaps.

Ancient Horror. Dragonkin theme. A howl at the end of the vid - a huge creature, perhaps the 3rd ever dragon created by the Kerapac - PBD - Prince Black Dragon. :P

No swarm lands. probably not the home of petty lizardmen. Perhaps we can rule out certain content somewhere else...

The vid is so short. It really doesn't show many hints on any renovating ideas though.

21-May-2019 22:29:39



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Likely a pun on The Land Before Time Movies relating to Kerapacs plans with the world.

Looks to be a tropical theme island. I picture them trying a prehistoric theme with monsters to fight, maybe like skeletal wyverns 2.0 and such.

21-May-2019 23:49:34



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- yes, dinos or dragons to slay
- Fruit Tree Patch, maybe also another Calquat Tree Patch
- limited prayer activity involving bones
- archaeological stuff to sift thru
- extension to Kudos at Varrock Museum, but not as extensive as OSRS had
- Fletching activity because we don't have that and it's random enough

22-May-2019 00:42:24

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