When are they will they do it?

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i heard weps would be made like they were before. special attacks. armor. more choices.

and the bank/? i remember we just had certs but now it all goes in the bank. but! there are so many! it's hard to find my ammo and my potions. when can they lit me find?

i just want to ask one more quesrtion: when will they?

plus, I heard they would rework a a skill. some people say agility. but it is it a mystery? the other team says it will be fletching.

and one more thing! who else is excited for mobile beta? we can ply on your phone!

but when?

20-May-2019 06:03:41

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Some weapons already come with special attacks, like the Guthix Staff.

You can use the search function to find items in your bank already.

Many skilles have been or are being reworked. M&S, firemaking, farming etc are being reworked already. Hunter is coming next. Skill reworks are ongoing.

Mobile is 7/8 done but won't be released this summer. I think release will be in the 3rd quarter of this year to coordinate with marketing of other Runescape franchise products. :)

21-May-2019 23:11:45

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