Halloween Event?

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I'm disapointed that RS3 isn't doing a Halloween event this year, but tbh, after last years XP grind 'event' and the extremely lackluster ending, I'm kinda glad there won't be one. I prefer the old events where it was just a fun little 10 minute objective for a silly reward that you'd wear for a day and bank it for another year, but now we just get the usual XP Grindfests they slap a 'Holiday Event' on! Kinda sad the good days are gone.

21-Oct-2019 16:34:23

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Well that sucks. This is why I've moved on to Classic WoW. I expect OSRS will probably release an event like 2 days before Halloween, though. So, that's something for the RS side of Halloween, at least.
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21-Oct-2019 19:01:48

Pandora x
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Aslon Dak said:
Not wanting to see random MTX-infested grindscape or easyscape "events" every few weeks is not to say "Please cancel the annual traditional Halloween event." and that should be obvious to all.

This exactly.
Its a traditional event that happens almost every year and it really sucks that it's not happening.

I get that we're apparently getting a quest but it doesn't sound Halloween related.
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21-Oct-2019 20:24:25

Carol Trees
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Carol Trees

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Please, we need Halloween. We had this fight years ago. 2013. players won.

It is exhausting when the makers of runescape oppose the greatest traditions of runescape.

I remember when i went to varrok and Santa gave us a yoyo. Have us go to death and him give us a bat kite? please

Please do not MTX if you are denying us the holidays that so many of us play and pay this game for. If you have MTX make those items the Halloween event instead, going in world to get it.

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21-Oct-2019 20:36:52

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Best wishes to all.
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To be fair, we should have seen this coming after we didn't have an Easter Event 2 years ago and then nothing really for Christmas last year.

The holiday event was literally one of the few reasons I was still coming back to the came, other than quests, which have also slowed down.

The age of RS3 actual holiday events is over.
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23-Oct-2019 19:59:25

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