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Part of it when it comes to "dead content" is the individual player's perspective.
You do have people out there that if it isn't:
- end game content
- OP rewards
It is immediately dead content.

Before PoF, your only methods of farming XP were Tree and Herb runs.
Had PoF, on release, been more of a supplemental XP, rather than the de-facto method of training Farming (ie: 50-75% of rates you'd get doing other methods), people would have been calling it "dead".

You run into the same thing with Sinkholes vs DG floors and Cache vs harvesting wisps.

Some people are ok with supplementary additions. It doesn't have to be "best in slot" on release.
That said, it does still need to be useful.

This is one of the issues with minigames, and I'm not really sure they are going to "remaster" many of them.
We are already seeing a lot of slow development coming out of the team. (Part of this may still be issues going back to long dev projects like Bank Rework, Mining/Smithing, and Mobile).
Plus a lot of their discussion on other "skill reworks + 120" on top of regular development means that expectations need to be tempered.
They will obviously ... clearly ... most certainly ... have internal discussions about it. And get feedback from players.
But a lot of minigames might not get much rework.
Some can probably get away with minor touch ups. (ie: single play ability, boosts in xp)
Some of the ones that do have serious amounts of activity will be the ones that get focused on any chance of getting worked on.

But I think we're more likely to see minigames get pulled and rewards redistributed before we see another Barbarian Assault or the first Temple Trekking (ie: Ghast Pouches, removing redundant adventurers) type rework.

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