Don't remove Salt in the Wound

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I have to agree with Drakan.
The quest is one of the worst.

to compound the issue, the way the quest is done:
you can't really just rewrite dialogue to make it "better"
the game play mechanics are clunky
the quest has a snot ton of plot holes in it big enough for the QBD to slip thru

The effort it would take to try to improve the quest would be about the same amount of work to just do a totally new quest.

Another alternative would be to keep the quest, but treat it as like Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf.
The weirdness of the quest is because the player was infected with a slugling or something.

They could now start with the sequel filling in plot holes (ie: what we think we saw vs what actually happened), then going in to solve the Slug Menace for real and for the last time.

09-Apr-2019 03:55:37



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I'm fine with removing content if it is broken to an extent that fixing it is pointless.

Minigames are a different from quests.

Minigames were usually intended to be played as part of a community.
Sadly, the larger part of the community has moved away from minigames as XP output and rewards have not managed to keep pace with the rest of the in game skilling and pvm content. (most minigames award equipment up to tier 75. we can smith better gear than that now and most upper tier mobs and bosses drop better stuff than that.)

On top of that, if it wasn't for the current Trim Cape req of the Profound CW armor, if you took that away, most people wouldn't even AFK minigames.
If you look at MA, the vast majority of the players weren't "playing" it. They'd attack the walls with light units. 4 minutes in, they'd deploy cannons and shoot their own troops. Risne rather repeat to rank 400 then never show up again. MA was additionally broken in that it no longer worked in NXT. The current client that like 90% of the online players use. And you cannot play the game in it?

And Jagex tried a few times to do things to bring players in.
- complete rework of Barbarian Assault. Mechanics, graphics, rewards, story. Popular for a few days.
- Bounty Hunter rework for the Nth time. Lasted less than a day. Only people who played it? Boosters with bots.
- A lot of minigames had the # of players to start reduced to 1 or 2 ... still no luck.

I know there is the vicious cycle:
no one shows up
new player shows up curious to try it
no one shows up
new player goes "guess no one plays this"
new player says no one shows up and never comes back
no one shows up

13-Apr-2019 18:48:50

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