Queen of Ashes

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First problem: dev resources
Jagex does add characters thru narrative a lot, and then it takes years to ever use them.
It took them 3 years to conclude the Sliske plot line with a number of quests and 3-4 "world events" (depending on how you count Cabbage Facepunch). Along with wasting dev on projects like Bringing Home the Bacon and the 2nd Evil Dave quest.
They are just now getting to the Dragonkin and Elder God story lines being advanced. The 2 remaining 'threats' to the player char's storyline.
So that it has been 4 years doesn't surprise me.

Second issue: she's aware of what is going on
As I said, we are now getting to the plot line where the player character is doing what they can to prove to the other Elder Gods that mortal life is worth something (besides food).
Even if the Elder Gods awakening once totally apparent to external forces before Desperate Times, Seren pretty much going public with the problem would have filled in that plot hole.
So the Queen of Ashes has learned that the most power entities are 'waking up' in the near future. And the odds of mortals convincing them they are worth keeping is slim.
The best course of action for her is to just sit back and wait to see what happens.
In canon, she has world(s) of her own. So she doesn't have to come here (or come back if she is really Elidinis). No sense risking anything.

Jagex in a way, nerfed the threat of Xau-tak.
That character was built up.
Then with the events of the 3 Elite Dungeons and Curse of the Black Stone, by defeating The Ambassador, Xau-Taks plans to invade Gielinor have been heavily set back (sort of like what happened to Bandos after The Chosen Commander ... he spent a lot of energy making the pendent for an avatar, it was destroyed, and it heavily weakened him.)

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