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I think currently warbands discourages a lot of in-game content for the skills it gives experience for. It also doesn't have much competition nowadays.

I have a couple of suggestions that might improve it.

- Have warbands give skilling supplies that boost xp instead of give direct xp
- Expand loot camps to all skill types and skills
- Make it more competitive: limit it to certain worlds or make some worlds more rewarding than others

08-Oct-2019 04:57:11

Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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Competitive? You mean get a level 101 character and kill everyone who is far too high level or too low level compared to you after they loot a camp so you get invincibility while others get:

“Move deeper into wilderness to attack.”

So no support. Also all those warband skills are or will be going to 120 in the future. No reason to nerf them to bonus xp and kill the only content keeping wild active.
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09-Oct-2019 07:17:09

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