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Yes, this will be discussing the Daily Challenge System to reducing the longer skilling challenges and the usage of minigames for challenges.

"Long" Daily Challenges

This is intended to help encourage players to train. But we have an imbalance in a number of challenges. At some levels, you only need to make/collect 2 loads worth of items, yet others require you to make/collect 200+.

True, some players will say "why not just buy it from the GE?" Well ... not everyone has access to the GE and not everyone has the money at the time to buy it.

So for like the "Craft 300 Green Dragonhide Vambraces", the player has to go out, kill 300 green dragons, then get them all tanned, then make the vambraces.

In addition, we had the Mining/Smithing Rework reduce the load on smithing from things like "Smith 100+ [metal] daggers" to just "Smith 1 [metal] item".

The solutions here can take several levels.

- The simplest would just be reducing the number of items to collect/craft to a more reasonable number. 2-4 inventory loads, which would keep things in line with other shorter tasks. Though this would come at a cost of rewarded XP.

- Making some of the tasks agnostic in what you craft. For Crafting and Fletching, rather than being forced to craft a specific item, players may now get something like "Craft 50 [color hide] items" so now whether they make Vambraces or Bodies, is completely up to them, and it doesn't matter what their Crafting Level is as they can make whatever they have the level for. Or "Fletch and string 50 [wood] bows", again, whether they make Shortbows, Shieldbows, or Crossbows, it is completely up to the discretion of the player.

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We have had an issue with minigames in general for a while now. Yet we still have daily challenges that force players into doing Great Orb Project, Stealing Creation, etc, and having difficulties in getting a game going.

A simple solution would just be "remove multiplayer minigames from the list of possible challenges".

Yet, we will soon see that Dungeoneering will allow players to use not only Complexity 6 Floors in Daemonheim, but also Shifting Tombs and Elite Dungeons (non-story mode) to complete the Dungeoneering Tasks.

So why not apply this to those daily challenges as well?

For example:

- Great Orb Project challenge would get replaced with "Runecrafting Activities" - GOP, Yellow Wizard, Runesphere, Runecrafting in Stealing Creation, or the Runegoldberg Machine

- Mining could now include SC, Shooting Stars, Cabbage Face Punch Bonanza

- Stealing Creation Fletching now becomes ... well ok there aren't really any minigames that rely on fletching

By opening it up so that players can use more than just one option into some "Let the games begin" challenge, players can choose to solo or group play the challenge instead of having it sit idle because they can't get a group together. In addition, they wouldn't be forced to do a single activity, but instead, be able to choose from the variety of options Runescape has to offer.

This would also add activities that were not considered before, such as doing Troll Invasion for Firemaking for Construction challenges.

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Those tasks of 'craft 200 dragon vambraces' or 'burn 300 yew logs' annoy me too because they take way too long to the others.

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+1. But i'd like to give a couple of thoughts:

- Troll invasion is a monthly d&d, not a minigame and as such not really fit to be considered for a challenge. Daily d&ds for that aspect are fine, but weeklies and especially monthlies should only be used as an alternative to an actual minigame, also every minigame pool should at least contain one that can be soloed, since players shouldn't have to wait for a spotlight (or hosted event) to be able to complete it.
- Maybe crafting challenges could be changed to something like 'process x material'. A good value for x could be 2-3 inventories of it while not extended.
- Firemaking as a whole should be reviewed. All its challenges are just outright rancid. Maybe a good replacement would be 'Burn x logs or fletch them to incense sticks'. Since players still wouldn't turn in their produce they at least could make something remotely profitable for it.
- Cooking pies needs to be drastically cut in numbers, also the compensation should be based on uncooked pies, not the raw materials.
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