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During the First Age, we know Avocado Trees could be found. Since the 5th Age, the status of this tree is unknown. Perhaps the tree went extinct. Perhaps it grows in remote locations. Perhaps it is kept secret by a cabal of health nut farmers and cooks.

But now, in the 6th Age, a miracle: Avocado Tree seeds have been rediscovered!

Given the fickleness of the tree, it requires a high Farming Level (higher than Palm Trees) to grow. But it can grow in any typical Fruit Tree patch.

The Avocado, a super food, heals for 1600 each. Making it the highest healing fruit outside of Jadinko Fruit.

In addition, we can get several new dishes using the Avocado:

- The Sharknado - A blend of shark and avocado to increase the potency of both foods.

- The Great White Sharknado - A dish requiring Great White Sharks, Avocado, and White Tree Fruit, allowing it to become one of the highest healing foods in game

- Avocado Salad - A dish blending Avocado, Coconut, Papaya, cabbage, and at least one other simple fruit/vegetable, this semi complex dish becomes one of the highest healing foods in game that doesn't require meat.

- The Avocado Citric Salad - Taking the Avocado Salad as a base, players can add Peaches and another fruit to the dish to create the single highest healing food in the game ... perfect for the vegan and vegetarian.

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