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Hello everyone,

If you are as HYPED as me for Group Ironman, here is my suggestion.

If you agree with me on this, PLEASE support this Thread so our voice can reach Jagex :)!

Most people that I play with are HYPED and can hardly wait for the new content that it coming.
The actual problem is :

They don't want to grind too hard on their main anymore because they know (and I include myself on this one) that they will make a new account within the next year.

My suggestion is :

Release an early group ironman.

Even if we can't trade in the first few months, even if we don't have a bank for everyone, even if only 1% of the actual group ironman content is not ready.

People will still make their account, and make their early/mid grind, and when the content release, we can now group.

Why don't we just wait?

Group ironman is a REALLY HYPED content right now, and as I said earlier, it affect some people'S current gameplay.

So with this solution, everyone could make their early skill, and play Runescape how they actually would.

If you agree with me OR disagree, please don't stay quiet

Pleasure, Z00 iz back

07-Oct-2019 16:40:14

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Hi z00!

Great idea you have there! I'm currently in the same state as you! I really hope jagex will read this suggestion and use it to please everyone as soon as possible!

Finger crossed,


07-Oct-2019 18:35:17

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