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Wild Jade vine is another one of those activities on a bizarre schedule (~ 19 hrs of growth time for 1500 Farming XP, some Slayer XP, and token Woodcutting XP)

Suggestion to rework now gives players 2 options: Combat/Slayer and Skiller.

Either option, it now becomes a monthly D&D, resettable with Monthly token and there will now be a Combat/Skiller toggle for the activity (similar to Troll Invasion). Horacio will no longer fight the Vine for you.



- At first of month, after monthly reset, player gains ability to fight Wild Jade Vine

- Wild Jade Vine is buffed in Health and Damage Output (fight is longer, somewhat comparable to Skeletal Horror)

- Reward is now given as Large XP Lamp of XP in Slayer, Large XP Lamp in Farming, and Small XP Lamp in Woodcutting

- Player still needs to replant seed after fighting.



- Player needs to spend 5 minutes using woodcutting and pruning animations to chop it down. (similar to chopping Elder Tree or Evil Tree)

- Player is awarded Large Star of BXP in Farming and Medium Star of BXP in Slayer and Woodcutting each.

- Skiller needs to replant seed to reset cycle.

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Concept sounds good, but in terms of rewards this sounds more like a weekly d&d rather than a monthly one. Of course it's a massive step forward from the current design.

Compare it to the others:

- God statues: Up to 5 large construction lamps + up to 5 medium prayer and/or slayer lamps
- Troll invasion: Freely assingable xp roughly comparable to an huge lamp
- Oyster: Xp comparable to a couple of huge lamps for farming and fishing + some cash with the chance to hit a TT jackpot
- Vault: A bit hard to tell, but on average you also should end up with more.

I wouldn't actually increase the xp gained to be honest, but rather handing out some secondary reward - maybe a free clue scroll depending on your level as some kind of evergreen reward.
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From a - I never do it to a maybe worth activity (because it is not worth it and boring to most players)- is not what I call reduction though.
Not every activity needs to be 'good' or made worth while. This is quite the opposite of reduction, you're just creating more..

A big fat No support from me.
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