Elite Skill: Archaeology

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Player can also artificially create artifacts.

Player uses Enchanted Key to go back in time.
Player gets some cruddy play, poem, song, or what not signed by some semi-famous historical artist. Bury it in a "library" somewhere that the player would know to find it but no one else would. Turn it in.
Player finds any piece of local weapon, pottery, from the aftermath of a battlefield or sneaks it away from the town. Again, bury it somewhere that the player would know to look for it later.

In these cases, you pretty much do loophole abuse:
you bury the item centuries/millenia in the past. It is a legitimate item (poem, song, jewelry) of the place and era.
you then dig it up in present era (or good percentage chance that you fail to dig it up as someone else may have found it since then beating you to it) and take credit for some historical find

Similarly ... go back in time ... kill a creature ... bury it out of the way.
Dig it up back up and present the fossils.

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Oh, you are quite correct about the physical limitations of where you are. A small bubble (ie: Guthix's cave during The Light Within, the house/farm in Meeting History).

Remember, within each of those bubbles ... you did quite a bit.
You told the future to Guthix, especially his death. It didn't resonate well with him. He also taught you how to put Seren back together.
In meeting history, you helped a boy start his path to becoming one of history's greatest wizards, you helped a young woman get over a health problem and become an adventurer, you planted some trees, you influenced Seren coming to the planet when Guthix eventually requested it..

That said, it is quite possible that there would be something within the bubble.
The goal is to have well preserved relics/artifacts or writings or art.

When you have your wits about you, you don't need much else.

You just find an item.
Dig a deep hole with whatever is handy.
Put the item in.
Fill in the hole.
Dig it up later.

Or knock a hole in a wall. Plug the item in. Seal the hole. Open it up later to see if the item might still be there.

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No need. We already do it in game.
The Master Quest Cape is the defacto skill cape for it too.

In order to get that cape, you have to unlock virtually all of the lore in game. The history of things like Ripper Demons and Ugthanakos. Bits from quests and miniquests.

Archaeology flows thru every single quest. You learn a little bit of the game universe each time you complete something (unless you space bar thru it all).

Even then, quest content like The Dig Site, Meeting and Making History, and The Elemental Workshop Series are living and breathing the act of digging thru history.

One of the other issues with releasing a skill around this is that Jagex would need to retroactively add XP for all of these lore books and quests. Sort of like when you use the interface mechanic to unlock new Invention designs or materials. Thus players who have the QP cape and MQC would get a massive surge in XP right off the start.

The other issue with this is that Jagex didn't do that before with Dungeoneering or Invention. Dungeoneering, for the longest time, was purely tied to Daemonheim/Bilrach. It wasn't until the release of content like Shifting Tombs and ED1 that you could work Dungeoneering without it being some long forgotten resource dungeon of Bilrach's or tied to the Dragonkin.

Yet, we run/ran lots of dungeons in game already. Wouldn't the Underground Pass count? The caves we explored for Legends Quest? How about the maze in Slike's Endgame? SHouldn't even the Stronghold of Security be worth a few hundred Dungeoneering XP? And Jagex didn't do anything to add those retroactively for XP.

Similarly for Invention. How many times have we used engineering skills to help things out? Yet there was no follow up for a little XP there.

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