Blind Themed Boss

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A blind themed boss that would be H.P. Lovecraftian inspired in looks when defeated.

=========basic ideas on how it would work===========

the player would not be able to see during the boss fight itself but is given a target to attack.

the player would have to listen to key sounds or read text boxes to know when to dodge a big attack such as "you hear metal scraping from the left".

there would be basic interactions the player could make around the boss fight arena such as lighting a torch to block a shadow attack.

a big element of the fight will be during certain phases you would have to attack a chain to break "something" leading to the last part of the battle to which the player would have a finishing move such as vorago but with a giant blade hung above the boss.

there would be some sort of visible sparks or something along those lines to show where the chains are.

the end of the boss fight the room will have lighten up to show how giant the boss was.

==========basic rare reward ideas============

rewards would be given out as achto is in being it can't be traded but they do assist the player in killing the boss such as;
lightly lighting the room up or able to block a big attack

the sword which kills the boss in the end would be a cosmetic override drop

there would also be tradable rare rewards but i have no ideas so far.

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