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Personally, I find it annoying that I can access my bars/ores from my bank itself and if I need any I need to go to a furnace or an anvil depending on the type, and if it's gold or silver.

At the current moment, all ores and gold and silver bars are withdrawn from the Furnace and bars from the anvil.

Would we be able to:

1. Able to withdraw ores and bars from both the furnace and anvil

2. Able to withdraw ores and bars from the bank via an interface similar to Diango?

It seems intuitive that we would be able to access our supply or ores and bars from the bank if we have this access to items that are held with Diango via his specific interface as well.

If not from the bank, having access to both ores and bars from the furnace and anvil makes sense since they are both used in smithing and you'll need access to them both for their purposes.

The bank space saved via the metal / ore bank is great, but adding some ability to access it remotely or w/o having to go to a furnace and/or anvil if you need ores/bars.
Plus being able to access this from your bank so you know how many ores and bars you have so you can then load out to determine if you need to go mine or smelt or smith would be nice as well rather than needing to go to the furnace / anvil to determine if you need more ore / bars for something you'd like to do.

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Kings Abbot

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I have tried to withdraw metal bars many times from the furnace, and was constantly annoyed that I couldn't.
It would be less logical to withdraw ores from an anvil as an anvil uses only bars while the furnace turns ores into bars.

Would be nice to see the metal bank from the normal bank too.
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