Rockertunities on Low details

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Hey everyone

So I got back into Rs after not playing for a couple Months, because of my exams. I'm loving the new Mining & Smithing rework, but I'd have a suggestion for Mining.

I'm a Student in Germany, so I can't really afford a Pc/Notebook that can run Rs3 on constant high Graphics, it would destroy my Notebook in a few Weeks. So I have to play on low details, which isn't really a problem for me.

I've heard about Rockertunities when Mining and I was wondering, why I never got any. Then I zoomed into my Char while Mining & saw, that they are there, but they are really really hard to see, since there is no Bloom or Effects active.

I know that this doesn't really affect most of the Players, but I would love if Rockertunities, were a little bit easier to see on Low Graphics.

25-Mar-2019 11:00:05

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