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Very simple idea. I know I am not the only one who absolutely DREADS doing quests... only having 150 QP and needing to do atleast 50 quests just to complete The World Wakes is mind numbing for a player like me. I understand content creators have worked incredibly hard on these quests, but it's just not my thing and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Please allow us to complete Quests, with the use of Bonds. I would GLADLY spend either IRL $ or GP on hundreds of bonds just to skip past all of these quests.

17-Jun-2019 06:08:26

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It does seem interesting. Purchase a quest you don't want to do using Meg but in that case there would have to be a system to nullify any rewards. If its a major reward unlock such as curses, you would need to complete the quest. Just what I think of the idea. :)
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17-Jun-2019 08:42:30

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^ Indeed, can't just give the reawrds if you can't be bothered to do the quest yourself.

The World Wakes doesn't need any requirement, not sure what other quest you might be talking about.
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17-Jun-2019 11:05:55

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Sure, as long as there's also an option to purchase which fully maxes your account, completes trimmed comp without actually doing any reqs. and everything else.

Hm. But then what would the point be in playing the game....

I'm with Teutotes on this. The whole point of Runescape's quests is the context within them, if you can't be bothered paying attention to the dialogue then why bother with quests at all. I genuinely can't believe you said The World Wakes is mind numbing, it's one of the games best quests and was majorly impactful on the lore of the game itself.

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No support.

Besides, I think with the way various aspects of story selection goes, you probably couldn't as Jagex would have to select default options to complete quests.

In addition, they'd probably have to invest dev time to do it since a lot of the quests are so old.
So they'd have to spend more money than what the "bond to skip quest" would be worth

18-Jun-2019 00:11:22

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