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Ryuuka Matoi

Ryuuka Matoi

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I am an old player who just got back into Runescape. I have not played in about 6-8 years seriously and have not used my other accounts in 3 years. This is my first time touching the RS forum but I hope to share this idea with the RS team.

Here is some background around this idea and inspiration. I drew some ideas from Invention. I can't fit this entire idea into this post but I can discuss more in the replies.

The idea will have the following requirements:
- Access to Champions Guild & 350+ Quest Points
- 80 Invention
- 80 Slayer
- 75 Dungeoneering
- 70 Construction

Idea Description:

The skill is entirely player-based. Upon reaching the requirements, one can speak to the Guildmaster to unlock the skill.

Players will be able to create their own quests. They will need to pay 500M gold coins in order to initiate the creation and can set the prerequisites themselves. The catch is that they must also have met those prerequisites and the stats/quests required for their quest cannot exceed their own.

The skill is leveled by doing Runescape & Player quests. Players can also make their own dungeons to go with the quest. In order to restrict ludicrous quest descriptions that do not fit with the lore, the questing creation UI will have predetermined sentences where you fill the blanks.

For example:

I need to talk with ___.
I spoke to ___. I must bring him the heads of 7 Greater Demons.

Now, here's where the interesting part comes in. Players can cooperate with other players who will also pay a joint-fee to create the quest. Every player who joins the quest creation increases the price. When they do, they can leave NPC versions of themselves for players to speak to. They will dress up and set the NPC to adopt their character's costume.

There's more to this idea but I do not have enough space to speak about it. Let's discuss. Thanks for reading!

14-Jul-2019 10:02:33

Ryuuka Matoi

Ryuuka Matoi

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First, I want to say the stats are just arbitrary.

So why this idea?

With the wilderness being hit so hard with the RS3 community, I think there's room for player-interactivity in the form of storytelling and their own lore. Early Runescape had its own player-lore but that has dwindled down as of late.

There was also a Runescape anime-like Youtube series that came out and a Runescape rap featured on the site. I forgot the event it appeared.

This idea tackles the problem of thrilling player-interaction and the end-game boredom players may find on the logarithmic grind. It's another new way to train and has a large space to be shaped or morph.

The rewards can be mathematically zoned with data science.
Also, I believe this feature will have high requirements no matter what as it is more end-game players to aspire to and enriches the RS community through giving back in the form of innovation.

This high requirement may give the RS team the chance to instead review stories rather than lock them behind a predetermined set of statements.

Low-level players can complete these player quests on F2P/Member worlds and enjoy the player-made content while interacting with stories.

Some issues I see is flooding the RS economy with items. How to dictate rewards. The biggest issue is implementing this skill.

With the rewards, I believe having the creators offer the initial rewards themselves is better. For example, items rewarded need to be initially smithed by them. If they want to reward gold, they can do so within the margin bounded by an algorithm.

Implementing this?

With the predetermined sets, players can give a quest description. There is a limit on how frequently you can make quests. The more people who do your quests, the more XP you gain. The more you do other player's quest, the more XP you gain.

Making this an enjoyable skill for players who play the quest?
Why not just have JAGEX review the quests?
This feels more like Slayer-made player tasks?

-Out of char

14-Jul-2019 10:20:28

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Why must everything new immediately be a skill? Why not just a minigame/D&D/skill activity?

Designing quests yourself and playing those of others could be fun, but I don't know how easy it will be to rival quests made by Jagex. It depends on how easily quests are coded in RS.
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