Increase run speed via agility

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Hi all

Played back in the day before the GE and recently rejoined due to mobile getting me hooked again.

Ive seen lots of nice improvements since "back in the day" but was wondering?

What if your characters run speed was increased depending on your agility level?

Imagine the benefits for pvp and pvm, running faster throughout with higher levels. Surely it wouldnt be that hard to implement?


10-Jun-2019 17:17:37

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Kings Abbot

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Azwad said:
Surely it wouldnt be that hard to implement?

The player movement speed now is 1 game tile per game tick (0.6 seconds) when walking and 2 tiles per tick when running. I don't think it's possible to make you run 2.01 or 2.26 tiles per tick, the game core is just very old and tinkering with it can break EVERYTHING.
Even if they can, how will the game respond when the difference between two players in pvp is 3.05 tiles because one is running faster than the other? The game could crap its pants.

Agility already gives a faster energy recovery. I think that's helpful enough as it is.
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10-Jun-2019 19:03:47



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Interesting idea. But no support.
I do agree most of it is going to be technical.

Second, you can kiss pking and dangerous activities goodbye.
Pkers are now require to level up agility. Pfffttttt yeah, like that's going to happen.
You now need Agility to try to survive in the Wildy or else you'll die to the pkers that did train agility.

10-Jun-2019 23:54:03

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