F2P Smuggled Master Capes

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No support.

If you want non-stat skill capes, you might as well make it a cosmetic override.
But we already have teh ability to make them cosmetic overrides with Keepsake Keys.
Some would then say "just get membership if you want to buy the cape".

There is a middleground:
The ability to buy 99 and 120 cosmetic capes for GP + Runecoins.
You would still pay the 99k or 120k gp you normally would, but hten you would also need the runecoins to fill the Keepsake Key slot.

This would allow you to wear the cape as required without having to have membership.

Though now you have the issue of about half of the skillcape sellers are in P2P areas, thus some of them would need to be moved ... or having something similar to Elen Anterth being able to sell all the capes on F2P, just with the specific function I mentioned above (this would also apply to P2P as well)

17-May-2019 18:49:01

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