Revive "Dead" Areas

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The reason why areas are dead is because:

- Jagex has continuously pursued "the next shiny thing". Once a piece of content is out, they immediately move on to the next. And never plan to go back unless something is bugged or broken.
Priff and The Arc avoid this issue (for the most part) because they were already designed with High Level Content from the start.

- Training methods didn't keep pace.
Again, as newer an newer content comes out, training methods that are niche (ie: Light Orbs around cave goblin city) simply fall to the way side. And it makes no sense to try to go back to make them relevant and it isn't necessarily worth the dev time to go and remove them.

- Rewards can't keep pace.
Minigames suffer this more than anything else, but it still falls into the same thing.
Fist of Guthix, Soul Wars, Castle Wars are all huge tracts of land that could be repurposed into PVM/Slayer content to make them slightly more relevant because they no longer keep up with the needs for the current meta of "XP efficiencyscape" and rewards capped at maybe Level 75.

- Rewards should be redistributed
There isn't much point in Runecrafting Gloves coming from a minigame that doesn't actually invovle runecrafting.
Runespan's reward shop (I'd say Great Orb Project if it wasn't "dead" as well) would make sense for this reward since it focuses on RC.

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