Abyssal Knights Questline

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Sure, +1
Some possible story elements:
- pulling from your adding in the Knightly Orders.
The Abyssal Knights can't be that large of a group, and probably suffered casualties exploring and defending from the Shattered Worlds. At the same time, new recruits aren't that forthcoming. The White/Temple Knights and the Void Knights do have priorities.
One possibility is that the player character helps gather recruits from the Kinshra, White Knights, random 'adventurers', and Void Knight Squires.
Thing is .. the recruits are ... questionable ... from a certain point of view.
The White Knights you get are more in the vein of Sir Owen ... not quite 'White Knight' material, but they also aren't quite the level to get the attention of the Temple Knights.
The Kinshra have those that follow the 'strength thru chaos' mantra ... but they either aren't chaotic enough .. or .. think Lord Daquarius is extreme (again, from a certain POV) when it comes to chaos.
The Void Knight Squires are simply needing training.

You are able to get reinforcements thru ... uhm ... convincing certain trainers and officers to let these individuals join the Abyssal Knights.
It diversifies the ranks. It also aggressively weeds out the weak.

- Exploration/Scouting
There is a rumored 'stable' path ... or one that is unique/strange/something.
It in a way leads to something about the Shattered Worlds or to the Anima Witch.
The Abyssal Knights are stretched thin and ask you to scout it.

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