Remove the slayer combat limit

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While I'm not opposed to this, I just don't think it would happen.

Some of the creatures that are given out as tasks hit like a mack truck. And for players who might not have the def lvl, the defensive gear, the prayers, or simply the expertise of playing, would run the risk fighting against something that is well out of their weight class.

It's kinda like why devs removed the 200 combat level mechanic they used for a while (2 + def + combat stat, NPCs were similarly weighted).
A level 200 player might find a Level 70 or Level 100 creature to hit a lot harder than their level would suggest. Nex was rated as a combat level of like 210, which didn't reflect her true difficulty level (for 2012-2013).

In addition, players have had means for a while now to train Slayer without actively going into combat (so yes, you can have 99/120 Slayer and be Level 3 combat)

That you were able to kill a ripper dino was a good thing. But could you survive a Ripper Demon's mechanics?
That's probably an example why they will continue to have the combat levels.

But having "suggested" combat levels would be an acceptable medium.

25-Jul-2019 05:11:04

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