Quests and Cliffhangers.

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This is a topic that may have already been addressed a thousand times, but I would like to know why OSRS still has a lack of quests series that are whole. Having just completed the second in the SLUG MENACE series and I find that... Nothing, there is no more to go on. The slug queen is loose and that's that. Never mind the fact that with the slugs the entire world of Glienor is at stake immediately, I should go and … sit on some nettles.
There are other mission series that end this way too (Elemental Ore Questline) and it is sad to see such promising quest-lines going to waste in what I will admit is one of my favorite games. I mean don't get me wrong, I like the new content that has been sliding down the pipeline, but I would really like to see some kind of completion. It seems like as soon as RS3 was introduced, RS2 became a full on cliff hanger with no intention of being able to go any further.
It can be said that I should just play RS3, but I am not a fan at all. I loved RS1 (Classic) as far as I could, but that love was not returned and Jagex laid it out like an old dog. I will admit my reasoning for my dislike is both in graphics and overall narrative. The graphics bother me due to the fact that too much is being shoved into a small cell and the characters look drunk and on hard-core {h} that was refined with some {m} and Flintstones vitamins. The story arc that bothers me was randomly buildings started popping up with the reasoning, "They have been here all along" and the Gods sudden appearance. None of this made any sense and is easily lazy script writing. (Don't worry I won't mention the worst of them.)
What I want to know in conclusion is if the game of OSRS will get the updates to bring it up to par or if my membership is going to keep paying for an incomplete game. Like I said, I love RS2, and I even held down when my character was game raped and restarted. I just want a little bang for my buck, loyalty and love.

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