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No support.

No support to being limited to giving feedback.

As Kopaka said, we have means carrying items. Plus limited inventory is supposed to add part of the challenge to the game.
The only situation you would need the added items is on bossing the first few times thru. tbh, most players can eventually get used to boss mechanics enough that you don't nearly need much food (some players can use the basic defensive healing abilities like resonance and never need food despite the moderate to high difficulty of some bosses like Nex)

If we had a belt slot, it would end up being something closer to another slot where you can either add armor or dmg bonuses (like how we use combat amulets) or something for skillers for added passive bonuses.
But again, even for this, it wouldn't be OP. The effects would be on par with what you see for the neck or ring slot.

19-May-2019 13:35:11

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