F2P: Polypore Dungeon

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I'm going to have to say "no support".

Issue 1: The Creatures within
Fungal creatures would be killable by F2P as they have a Slayer Level req't of 1.
But they don't drop too much of note.

Issue 2: Gorajan Mushrooms would crash
Given time, the influx of bots killing the Fungal Rats, Mages, and Axes would definitely add enough mushrooms to the market to drop the overall value.
Thus 1 of the moneymakers from the Beasts would get crippled, considering the hit we've already seen to Tree Seeds.

Issue 3: Other gear
There isn't really any harm in the Mycellium Web Armor or Fungal Mage armor going F2P, but they would be pointless as they are T10 and T25 magic armor. F2P already has plenty at that tier and better.

Issue 4: Could just make the T60 wand and orb tradeable to F2P
Devs have done things to make it so F2P would be able to get or make the gear they have access to.
Thus content like Mystic Robes and Blue D-hide and Magic Bows was made available in shops and made craftable/fletchable my making the majority of the components accessible on F2P. (ie: Fletching was made 99 on F2P, Mystic Cloth and Blue Dragons can be found on F2P worlds)

But there are things like the Treasure Trail armors that F2P can use but the only way to get it is via trading/GE or bringing over after your own stint of P2P ended.

Issue 5: it'd be non-degradeable
F2P does have T60 Corrupt Dragon Weapons. These degrade to nothing after a period of time and drop from REvenants even on F2P servers.
F2P does have Gud Raider, a non-degrading T55 weapon, shield and power body.
F2P does have the Gravite Equipment at T55, but it does degrade and requires a lowish Dungeoneering Level.

Grifolic orb/wand however do not degrade.
I'm not sure how widely used these are on P2P. 60 to 70 can be a fairly annoying gap to cover, and there aren't a whole lot of weapon options over that range (once you hit 70, boy howdy do you have options)

27-May-2019 03:53:37

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