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29-May-2019 11:59:01

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6H8 said:
I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to have someone play our account

Of course, this is against the rules.

6H8 said:
but if we could individual bank tab password'd be nice

I'm not too sure for the reasoning for this. We already have access to several account security features, some of which have been provided by Jagex: a bank pin and the authenticator. You can even use the latter in place of a pin if you so wish.

I feel that individual pins or passwords would be more cumbersome and would probably result in a lot of players finding they often forget their passwords, resulting in multiple password resets. People already hate having to wait for a bank pin to reset, could you imagine having to do so for particular tabs within your bank?

Ultimately, the security of your account boils down to you. If you practice good account security, then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't, then no amount of passwords will protect your RuneScape account - the postings in the account help section of the forums are testimony to that.


29-May-2019 23:20:51

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