Enchantable armor

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Premise: Be able to use gemstones with armor and enchant them to provide bonuses for defense, attack, and other stats. Obviously if this ended up becoming a real thing, most of the stuff I provided below would be changed, but the idea would still be awesome. I think a quest with dwarves/elves/faeries would be a good idea, or a miniquest. To unlock the ability to craft the armor.
Maybe even weapons in the future. Would work in both osrs or RS3.
Gems required for each piece would be as follows: Med helm 1, Full helm 1, Square shield 2, Chainbody 3, Kiteshield 2, Boots 2, Platelegs 4, Platebody 5.

Smithing skill requirements might follow: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mith., Addy, Rune, Dragon
Med Helm 1 13 28 48 68 83 94
Full helm 2 17 32 52 72 87 94
Sq. Shield 3 18 33 53 73 88 95
Ch. Body 6 21 36 56 76 91 96
Kt. Shield 7 22 37 57 77 92 96
Legs 11 26 41 61 81 94 98
Boots 12 27 43 62 82 94 97
Body 13 28 44 63 83 94 99

Crafting levels could follow the second table, with the specific elemental or other bonus for defense/attack/special. Specials would require either five pieces of armor enchanted with the same gem, or at least a set of armor. Say boots, shield, body, legs, helm.

Stone lvl Element Defense Bonus Attack Bonus
Sapp 27 Water Slash/Crush
Emer 33 Earth Stab/Crush
Ruby 39 Fire Ranged
Dia 47 air Ranged/Stab/Crush
D. Stone 58 None All magic/range Crush/Slash
Onyx 70 Prayer All magic/attack Stab/Crush
Zenyte 94 Prayer All magic/Range/Attack All melee

Magic levels could be: sapphire 15, emerald 35, ruby 55, diamond 65, dragonstone 85, onyx 95, Zenyte 99.

Could be a stupid idea, or maybe a crazy fun idea. Let me know what you think.

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tbh, there's no value in enchanting anything below T50 armor as most players quickly level out of them.

even then, I don't think devs would do much for F2P. so T50 armor would likely get cut from the list too.

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In my mind, you could enchant armour to increase prayer, magic, or something. While yes, lower level armors aren't that important, this would increase the importance of them, and most of this would be P2P anyways. I just dont see why it makes any sense to allow all these other forms of enchantment but yu can't armor.

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