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Jagex has removed bad updates like bounty hunter (bounty hunter has been removed a number of times - not just this one more recent time).

Clans is bad.

Clans should be removed.

Complete overhaul and completely different clan set up should be created.

Clans shouldn't cry about losing high scores or whatever. I mean, I never cried about bounty Hunter point being removed a number of times.
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23-Mar-2019 09:02:31

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If you don't like clans, then Bwian's Towel and Grief Shop is the place to be! Link in the description, and don't forget to subscribe, leave a like and turn notifications on. The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

23-Mar-2019 18:40:05

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Gods Slayer said:
Everyone is entitled to their own ideas.

I like my clan, you will find a good one eventually.

It has nothing to do with "finding" a clan I like. And has nothing to do with players.

It's the clan citadel itself. I want to be apart of a clan make friends and all - it's not the people that makes me not want to join, it's the "clan citadel skill" itself. I don't like that I leave my "clan citadel skills" with clan owner. Why do clans exist in their own little world anyway? Clans are like a mini game skill. I don't like it.

I've seen suggestions about individual clan high scores.. Do u really want to be held at ransom by clan owner? "Give me a phat or I'll remove u from clan and bye bye individuel high score."??

I want clans.. Just not a skill that the clan trains for the owner.

When I dreamed about clans years and years ago I dreamed that it would be an element of pvp, and there's none. I wanted clans to be able to declare war on each other and once accepted clans could get pked anywhere in game.
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inb4 locked because troll suggestion.
Not my discord, and you don't have to be active, you just need to join with that link. The contents of it are trivial. Just join pls.

24-Mar-2019 01:57:52

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^ apart from ur clan mates... What about clans do u love?

I'm not saying have no clans... I'm saying we need a new clan minigame... Citadels lack everything.

Just like PvP and bh has been removed and replaced a number of times... Clans should be removed and replaced with something better. Don't worry, u can keep ur clan mates....
Skillet? Skill no.

24-Mar-2019 03:02:58

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