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edit - hit reply on first post, didn't see Rikornak's. So, I guess I'm mostly agreeing with her.

I spend over an hour daily to collect my phree stoof (tm).

And I don't collect it all... It makes me sad to abandon so many gps, but if I did it all, I wouldn't be able to do anything else. I include in that time the other dailes, like mining sandstone, vis wax, and farm.

I like all the ideas about a pet/follower/butler to go collect stuff for us. Another idea is what's already implemented in several areas in game.

Suggestion: Make more rewards like Waiko supplies, Managing Kingdom, and Farm Breeding Pen - if you don't collect them daily, they just pile up for a while.

Repeatable Rewards like from achievements and quests - Tokkul, Pineapples/Apples, Picnic Basket, Flax, Pig Pouches & Scrolls, Buckets of Sand, Logs, Planks, Potato Cactus, etc... could just pile up for some period of time - like the Waiko supplies chest. Get them daily or weekly, player's choice.

Shop special buys - Ahern's Pineapples/Seaweed, Free stuff in shops like arrows/bolts, or 30 air/mind runes, and hammers and bronze daggers (for the sake of completeness) - let those also build up for a set number of days. Maybe I want to grab 30 free daggers and disassemble them every so often?

...and BTW... Battlestaffs Varrock Reward?????? Yeah, that's so upside down.... Price needs to be tied to some % off GE to make it actually a reward again. Why do we get other stuff free, and have to go into debt to collect Battlestaffs? (And before a troll says, "Just don't buy them", I don't.)
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