Let us plant acadia trees

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No support.

Acadia trees would be between Maple and Yew. So from an XP standpoint, they wouldn't award much.
Tree seed prices are down, for a variety of reasons.
Player Owned Farms can help even more than wood trees would in terms of XP per hr/day/week/month with 0 risk of the tree dying.

Even then, the only output of Acadia Trees are Acadia logs. Which again, are between Maple Logs and Yew Logs for Firemaking XP. And they offer nothing in terms of use for Fletching.
Finally, the trees within Menaphos usually don't have the problem of hyper competitive resource (multiple players all trying to gather from the same node). Even then, for rep, I thought more people fished or mined instead of woodcutting (excluding trying to rep via squishing scarabs or the obelisk)

08-Jun-2019 21:19:35

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