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WARNING! Sensitive content!

Hello! I have an idea about new low risk PvP & Skilling Arena. sorry for google translate.

Wilderness II
Amascut: World of Destruction

Portal would teleport you to the area on which you could choose "Normal", "Legacy" or "Mix" Area. Portals locations could be at Varrock, Menaphos and Prifddinas Grand Exchange. Area would have a dedicated world – same as Citadel. Everything could be used in the area (same as in wilderness): Summoning, PvP Auras, Augmented Items, Sara Brews and etc. Exept teleports, player must buy teleports from shop located at safe zone, these are the only teleports that could be used to get out of the pvp-area. Up to zone 5 teleport 5k gold, up to zone 10 teleport 15k gold.

To go in PvP-Area, you must deposit a value equal to your combat level multiplied by 1k + 0.1% of Gear, Backpack and BoB value(1b = 1m risk) + Tier tax. For Example: Combat level is 64, so deposit is 64k + gear + tier. When you leave PvP Area without death, deposit automatically appears in money pouch. In case of death "IM/HCIM" will not lose accounts. (more about deposit system on page 4 - Idea 33)

You cannot lose your items. If you die, you lose 50% of deposit, if you die with skull, you lose 100% of deposit, after death you appear in Safe-Zone. Skull must be different from wilderness skull, for example violet skull and disappears after 6 minutes. And somewhere in the corner must be displayed skull timer.

Above the head must show player deposit and cmb lvl. After kill, killer’s deposit raises as much as received from the victim. But always after death 5% of loot is destroyed for Active Players(when sufficient amount is accumulated, gives to random active players in arena). Trade is disabled in PvP Area and yours dropped items visible only for you. After killing someone player should receive 3 pieces of food as well. Food type depending on his HP lvl.
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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Also Winner and Loser gets "Activity Points", they will be used for rewards shop.
Player could get points in just two cases – Kill or Death.
To get 1 Point you need deal 5k dmg per 1 minute, 2 Points 10k dmg/1min, 10 Points 50k dmg and so on.

To prevent fraud, attacker always gets adrenaline/abilities reset on new fight.

MAP: Black circles in the triangle are Skilling, Buffs and Multi target Zones.

Pen Version

Prayer Altar can be used every 3 minutes.
Portal 1-2 every 20 seconds can move you from #1 to #2 portal or vice versa.
NPC in safe zone can teleport you somewhere randomly in 30 Zone for 2k gp.

All Skilling Areas do not give resources, but gives lots of XP and buff when you touch Portal, Tree, Bonfire, Obelisk, catch Prey or crush Scarab. No skills requirement and gives xp depending on level.

Area: 1 - Thieving XP & Dimensional Portal Buffs
Area: 2 - Woodcuting XP & Tree of Death Buffs
Area: 3 - Firemaking XP & Bonfire of Souls Buffs
Area: 4 - Summoning XP & Demons Obelisk Buffs
Area: 5 - Hunter XP & Cursed Prey Buffs
Area: 6 - Slayer XP & Scarab Buffs(Like menpahos scarabs, but does not do damage)


Dimensional Portal
#1: Every 3 minutes you can steal 1 piece of food from portal, type depends on HP level.
#2: Takes away 1% adrenaline from enemy every 10 seconds. Buff lasts for 3 minutes.

Tree of Death
#1: Every 20 seconds roots from ground prevent enemy from moving for 1.8 seconds. Buff lasts for 4 Minutes.
#2: Every 10 seconds roots from ground do 1% damage depending on enemy HP Level. Buff lasts for 4 Minutes.

Bonfire of Souls
#1: 2000 HP boost for 10 minutes. For 3cmb~ players allow Constitution Abilities: siphon etc, +20Tier food.
#2: Food heal 10% more for 3 minutes.

Demons Obelisk
#1: Restores your follower special move points 2x faster. Buff lasts for 4 minutes.
#2: All obtained damage from enemy follower is reduced by 33%. Buff lasts for 4 minutes.
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Cursed Prey
#1: Instantly removes all area buffs. Buff lasts for 3 minutes.
#2: Skull timer 2 minutes. Buff lasts for 10 minutes.

#1: All obtained damage is reduced by 10%. Buff lasts for 2 minutes.
#2: Poison do 2x higher damage. Buff lasts for 3 minutes.

Only one sigil can be taken in PvP-Zone and only one buff can be choosen in safe area, in pvp-zone you can not change buffs.

Dimensional Sigil - Required for Dimensional Portal Buffs. Price: 50 Activity Points
Sigil of Tree - Required for Tree of Death Buffs. Price: 100 Activity Points etc
Sigil of Burning - Required for Bonfire of Souls Buffs.
Summoner Sigil - Required for Demons Obelisk Buffs.
Sigil of Hunt - Required for Cursed Prey Buffs.
Sigil of Bug - Required for Scarab Buffs.

Lone Warrior Sigil - Only one player can attack you in multi target zone, but double increases your deposit(2k for 1 cmb lvl + 0.2% of gear value + tier). Price: 1000 Activity Points

With activity points u can buy XP lamps, bonus xp, and other useful stuff(we will come up later)

Motivations keep the player in PvP-Zone.

Kills in a row without rebanking unlock PvP/Skilling XP Increases
After 1 kill: 10% of your combat level. For example: If Cmb Lvl is 138, XP buff is 13.8%.
2 kills in a row: 20% of your combat level. 3 kills: 30%, 4 kills: 40% and etc. Maximum is 100% of cmb lvl(3-138% pvp/skilling xp buff).

For every kill until 20 kills 3.0x(cap) more Activity Points!

Rare Chance receive PvP Aura after kill if u have 15kills+ in a row.

"Mad" title after 20 kills in a row.
"Merciless" title after 40 kills in a row.
"Savage" title after 60 kills in a row.
"Devourer" title after 100 kills in a row.
(only for titles every 3 kills in a row allow rebank)

"Noob" title after 200 deaths
"Pathetic" title after 500 deaths
(No need deaths in a row for death titles. Also some fixes: Page 4 - Idea 38)
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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AC Sandra

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Active Players

In case of death collect 5% from deposit for random active players in pvp-arena and reward it.
News: BestNickName received 1000M Gold in Amascut: W.O.D Arena!
News: BestNickName received 1500M Gold in Amascut: W.O.D Arena!

News: BestNickName received 10M Gold in PvP-Arena!
News: BestNickName received 20M Gold in PvP-Arena!
News: BestNickName received 50M Gold in PvP-Arena!
All can win, but zone-level and kills in a row(without rebank) increase chance. Rewarding in deposit, so gl with run-escape :D Give reward after kill or skilling xp if yuo not in combat(prevents from 1v1 0dmg afk with a lot kills in a row in 30 zone)

PvD, PvP drop table and Activity Points sent to bank.


Stun Extenuation - Requirements: 35Crafting. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Type: Basic.
Description: Deals 100% weapon damage and reduces Stun obtained from enemy time by double for 15 seconds.

Magnetize - Requirements: 60Invention. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Type: Threshold.
Desctiprion: Deals 150% weapon damage if you stand in multi target zone or does 100% weapon damage if you stand in 1v1 zone and magnetically pull the enemy in front of you. (playing with melee work in long distance).

Teleport Block - Requirements: 30Slayer. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Type: Basic.
Description: Do 90% weapon damage and blocking enemy teleports for 15 seconds.

Teleport Block++ - Requirements: 50Slayer. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Type: Threshold.
Description: Do 180% weapon damage and blocking enemy teleports for 30 seconds.

Divinity - Requitements: 65Prayer. Cooldown: 180 seconds. Type: Ultimate.
Description: Heal 50% of the damage you deal and rebuild 20% prayer points depending on prayer level. Also providing immunity from disabling protection prayers for 30 seconds.

Anticipation++ - Requirements: 3Def. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Type: Threshold.
Desctiprion: Reducing all damage taken by 15% and providing immunity from stuns for 15 seconds.
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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That's just the basics. Need more players to complete this idea.
RESERVED Posts I will use it for Fixes/Other players ideas.
(all rates, activities, names and etc can be changed/optimised/added, it's just preliminary idea)


Idea 1. After activation 1-5 pvp-zone teleport move you in safe zone with 5 seconds delay and 1-10 pvp-zone teleport with 10 seconds delay. TB's does not work during the delay period or activate when you TB'ed.

2. Multi Combat Zone Limit: Maximum 3 Players can attack one person.

3. Multi Target Abilities in PvP like "Chain" do damage only for one player or for those who are attacking you. STOP accidental skull.

4. Preparation Time. To STOP fast K.0 for not ready players. Legacy vs Legacy 8~ seconds damage reducing, every 1 tick damage rises 25% - 100%. If EoC vs EoC/Legacy 4~ seconds to get full damage. If combat stops, players have 60 seconds to back in combat with same player or both players get Preparation Time again. (same with adrenaline)

5. New Gravity. 9900HP~ is not enough, weapons, familiars and etc damage to OP(Thresholds to kill). In Multi-target zones all damage 50% reduced, In 1v1 25% reduced, if attacker stand in 1v1 area and victim in 3x3 area, so dmg depending from victim position.

6. In 1v1 on 0HP do one more hit with new random k0/Surrender animation. (we have 10 safe seconds after kill, but dont need pickup loot)

7. Amascut: W.O.D does not have activities for Comp Cape.

8. Maybe in corner can show top 10 kills in a row players, in other corner 10m+ deposit kills "what-who, cmb lvls, deposit, where-zone".

9. "Protect Item" Prayer change to "Protect Deposit" its allow protect 20% of deposit if you die.

10. For Legacy players: if you not in combat, zone-level increases your special attack points restore speed, 5-10 Zone 1.5x, 11-15 Zone 2.0x, 16-20 Zone 2.5x and 21+ Zone 3.0x.
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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PvD - Demigod

Like hellfire bow in wilderness. Here you must catch Blue Energy which always flies in "Run" speed to get demigod buff and blue skull above head(Lose W.O.D buffs). To Cancel buff you must drop energy, enter multi target zone or step under 10 Zone level, then you drop Blue Energy and you get violet skull, if you are in combat, you cant drop energy, enter multi and 1-10 zone, also you cant use teleports, in case of death you lose 100% deposit(Protect Deposit Prayer not work). Demigod buff: You do 3x higher damage and get back 3x less, all 10-50level zones becomes 1v10 area and all 50+- cmb lvls can attack you everywhere. With Demigod buff kills in a row(for titiles) not counted and you get 90% less Activity Points. With every kill you lost 1% of deposit but not less 2k Coins, under 200k gp deposit you drop and cant take Blue Energy also in blue skull you can not get other players deposits, no one gets skull if attacking you. Players who die from Demigod lose 1% of deposit, lose 2% those who was in combat 15 minutes period and 5% deposit loss players with violet skull(all for Active Players rewards). Will be useful basic abilitie to move player with blue skull somewhere 20 meters from you and additional special attack bar for legacy players. Demigod PvP XP and all stuns time reduced 3x. Players who killed blue skull gets 3x more Activity Points and +1kill. 5minutes after logout blue energy and 80% of deposit appears on the ground, 20% collected for Active Players.
(droped Blue energy starts flying in 5 seconds)
For regular players it would be good message in chat "Something is wrong..." when demigod is closer than 30 meters.
Noted Items Drop table for 5 most tank/dps players, for 1x drops you need do 2k dmg per 10 seconds, 2x drops - 5k dmg/20s, 5x drops - 15k/30s, 10x drops - 40k/1min, 20x drops - 90k dmg per 2min(dont forget 3x less dmg, veng etc), Demigod gets 2x drops or 5x drops from skulled players.
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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Power Level

138 combat level rework, if you have maxed cmb skills and empty inv/equip n bob you cmb/pwr lvl is 99.
Agility Skill Level gives +1-3 Cmb Levels for 60seconds after using shortcut.
Special Attack Items depending on tier +1-8Pwr lvls(you dont need wield to get pwr lvl, but prevent low lvls from fake power up with full inventory weapons, must give +20pwr lvls maximum).
Every 150 accuracy/damage and 100 defence you get +1cmb lvl, For example obby maul dmg1341 + acc1132 + 0def = 2473 brings 17Cmb lvls~ (like Summoning Pouch, if u have Power Item/buff u get +Cmb/Pwr level).
Maximum Combat/Power Level with items/buffs is 200!
Combat Level rework improves this situation: one player has 90att/80hp(Nox Scythe) another has 40att, str, def and hp(Adamant Set), but both are same cmb lvl, in new combat formula difference would be about 40 cmb lvls between both players.
Equipment/Item Switch/Remove/Drop reduce/increase power level and combat stops if Level-Zone requirement does not match. Trick is, when running, you can takeoff weapon to reduce your power level or when u try catch u can takeoff plate, legs to reduce power level.
This is decreases absolute domination(100+ kills in a row without death) with unique accout builds, but ofc i do not destroy Pures, OP Low lvls, Questing, Achievements and etc, they will still be OverPowered, but not so much.
List of Power Items/things without accuracy/damage and defence stats: Auras, Scrimshaws, blood essences, Insignias, Lunar/Ancient Spellbook +5, teleport block runes +8, Ancient Curses +5, Weapon Poisons +2-5, Combat/Grand Potions +2-9 Levels, Overloads +12-16 Levels, Adrenaline Potion +5, Super Guthix Rest/Sara Brews +4, prayer/restore potions, Attuned Portents +2, Invention +1-2pwr lvl for every perk, Cannons, Enchanted Excaliburs +2-4, Some items with good effect like guthan or void set etc +2-8lvls...
Also need power up/down sounds and graphic effects.
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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Something like that must be above head

Right click on player show lvl, risk and color too.

Gift from Amascut
Dual wielding weapons from 30Tier which has t28 accuracy and t32 damage up to 90Level which has t88acc t92dmg(Magic damage depending on selected spell)... To get 30Tier weapons you must have 1-30 Power Level, to get 50Tier you need 31-50 Power Level, to get 70Tier you need 51-70 Power Level and for 90Tier you need 71+ Power Level.
You can claim it for free after 20 kills in a row without rebanking, then you get teleport to other area where Amascut waits for you, short dialog how she impressed and proud of you, but she warns you dont do this outside W.O.D otherwise your soul will be eaten, then you choosing one class of dual wielding weapons(if u want one more class weapons, u must do 20 kills in a row again and so on).
Weapons not tradeable and has no effect outside W.O.D arena, also has no effect for "Demigod" player.
To get effect you must wield main and off-hand!
Swords: Every 10 seconds you get +100 Prayer Points.
Crossbows: Heals 10% of damage you done.
Wand & Orb: 100% chance apply Binds spells, Teleblock and gives +500 armour and +1000 HitPoints Boost.
Another scenario: If you have talon beast, hellcat or any other cat in invetory or as follower, when you teleported to Amascut, shes fall down from hammock and hiding behind tree. She get angry and screaming "Cat! How you dare! Get out of here!" she quickly take control of most powerful elder god minds and tells him teleport you out. Then you going in safe zone where Icthlarin appears and hes says "Dont do this again, Amascut can destroy evertyhing, even the Gods", "But how?", "Hes has power to control minds and she can tell everyone just do suicide", "Whoah! So why she cant control minds to kill all cats with others hands?"...
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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... "Amascut is not bad, shes destroying only bad souls, cats not are bad, thats why she dont want to kill their and i cant say anything more to mortal. Take this shield and dont do this again. Bye", "Wait! i have so many questions now... shes can destroy Gods and everyone shes wants, but she scare cats, what the...?" but Icthlarin gone.
Then you get Hybrid Shield like dragonfire shield with activate damage function. Every 1minute you can use it. 30T can do 500 damage, 50T 1k dmg, 70T 1.5k dmg and 90t can do 2k damage.
These weapons and shield has 0gp value, so no tax from gear value on deposit.
(To upgrade shield you dont need cat, when you got required power level for next tier, you need do another 20 kills in a row without banking and shield get upgrade automatically, for weapons you get teleport to Amascut and here you choose other class weapons or tier upgrade if you have requiraments). Fix: better on first visit you unlocking weapon or shield only 30Tier and then every 10 kills in a row without banking you receive 1 token, they can be used for upgrade, when you have 10 tokens you can choose new weapon or upgrade(it helps to protect from to fast or to cheap gaining 90t stuff)

Idea 11. More Activity Points Rewards: Dissasemble Item abilitie, Cursed energy weaving, Broad arrows making, silverhawk boots, proteans and others inventory skilling methods who do not need rebank. kills in a row XP Buffs max 20% in not W.O.D activities

12. 5min after logout reloger goes to Safe-Area, deposit appear on the ground and will be visible to everyone who are tagged(priority dps), if no targets 5% of deposit be collected for Active Players Rewards, 95% safe or 45% if do combat in 15min period. Also show timer in lobby.

13. Spirit shards - if player Money pouch is full. For example: you get 1.5b reward, after leaving if money pouch full, you get spirit shards in currency pouch. Or if possible boost money pouch from 2147m to no limit?
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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Idea 14. Buttons/Keys "W A S D" Run/Walk depending on the player view position. W - Up, W+D - Up Left, D - Left, D+S - Left Down and so on...

15. Allow watch battle repeat, Buffs/debuffs, action bar for 30-60 seconds.

16. Countries/Clans HiScores. Day, Week, Month Top Players and specified statistics like Kill, Deaths, K/D Ratio, demigod kills etc. Also would be good in game Countries Flags above heads.

18. No Democracy on Voting. Until RS3 dont have PvP community, votes about pvp updates are fun. Disallow voting on pvp changes for players who dont have 10+ kills/deaths and avarage K/D Ratio on wildstalker helmet, castle wars etc...

19. I think jagex do not listen PvP-Community because cosmetics not visible in PvP-Zones, so good pvp update = less profit from MTX. If add "W.O.D Activity Points" to tresure hunter and also make them tradeable like silverhawk feathers, so players can buy it from jagex or players.
Option to see own cosmetics in pvp zone.
Option to see other players cosmetics until Combat.

20. Need requirements to protect newbie/newcomers from rage quiting, but dont destroy 3cmb skillers. So if reqs to enter in arena is 1000 Total level and 100 Quest Points also few skillers quests like "The World Wakes", "One Small Favour", "Jack of Spades" for new one quest which is gives Activy Points. This protect low knowledge players from unfair fights.
New Quest is tutorial/guide about dragon breath and other protection prayers disabling abilities, siphon, stuns, D.O.T, A.O.D, anticipation, freedom, impulse to demigod etc.

21. Like "Eagle Eye" prayer, summoning commands: Auto-Retaliate on/off(no need summoning points), Special Move, Send in Player Inventory one item from BoB every 20 seconds, Buff from familiar(like steel titan +range bonus) or more abilities.

>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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