Low Risk PvP Arena

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AC Sandra
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AC Sandra

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this arena not for "pvm playersbase" and rs has no risk pvp arenas which not work... lol, u not right on so many lvls. read everything, not only topic name...

W.O.D is rewarding arena, everyone win here in long term, low risk is only symbolic for real adrenaline and frauding prevention...

Share ideas, if u want to be useful... thx for empty bump.
>>> New Combat Formula / Risk System / Boss controlled by player - 1x10 PvP <<<

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If this is just a no risk pvp, in essence isn't it the same as dueling? You can't really reward anything for doing it because people can just purposely lose to help friends build up rewards too.

20-Mar-2019 18:44:38



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Look I think you Jmods need to understand that the idea is not a completed idea or it may not be an idea at all. BUT I feel like people need to understand PVP used to be a big part of runescape and it needs to be implemented. This idea is trying to address that issue. Ok if this idea isnt good then think of something yourselves that would bring back PVP. I commend this person for atleast trying and inspiring something to bring back pvp.

22-Mar-2019 13:07:10

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