Orikalkum Dragons

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Soul Shifter
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Soul Shifter

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I would like to see the "dragon" dragon, like rune dragons, in the game, beneficial to have them as a slayer assignment just like how rune dragons were beneficial in that.

I had some ideas of making it worth killing as a slayer assignment to have a better chance then most monsters to drop good Rare Drop Table drops or having a special drop only obtainable on task. Also, it would drop the same bones as Rune dragons probably.

- Aimed at high level players
- maybe located in a subsection of Kethsi

I would like to see slayer become more worth it to do for money because I think people do it if they're not in the mood for bossing or if they're not good at bossing. If Orikalkum Dragons won't be a thing I would like to see more monsters be introduced to slayer.

07-Mar-2019 21:51:07

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I heard many times that Slayer is pretty lucrative already... The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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