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SkillHunter7 said:
Simply put, players who have taken the time to achieve 200m xp would understandably be frustrated if the maximum was raised...

i would and i wouldnt be annoyed

i would be annoyed as it means im now not maxed in all skills to the highest extent which was my goal

however i understand games change to suit where the game is from previous years (mainly for xp increases, (i did 50m agility xp running laps at max of 72k xp ph. its now 60k xp ph while training other skills. thats a huge kick in the teeth but ohwell things change)

however i wouldnt be annoyed as the skills i love would be high xp. and would have a chance to show how much effort ive put into it.

when i got 200m slayer i reset my xp tracker. it now says 83m xp, so technically im 283m slayer xp. the amount of people that got 200m slayer before me that havent done that are still shown as being higher rank than me. which is annoying.

however i still dont support this as the only upside is ranks. and that leads to unhealthy gameplay when its about grinding
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