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We've had the complaints about Warbands. Hostile or abusive protection rackets. The timing of it not being convenient for all players. The ludicrous amounts of XP so that it becomes the preferred training method for Construction and Herblore.

In addition, the Warbands have been a little too roughed up over the years, and can't maintain their current pace of giving out loot.

Suggested changes:

- It now becomes a monthly D&D (joining the Oyster, Troll Invasion, and God Statues. Can be reset with Monthly Token)

- It now becomes "solo". Camps are instanced for the individual player. Player must now defeat all 3 warband camps on their own. They can use combat or use the summoning option.

- Player reward mechanics don't change. You can do all 3 x rewards as XP or GP. 6x rwith reset token.

- If a player is killed via PvP, the loot turns into GP for the Pker at the same rate the player would have received. Loot from Warbands cannot be protected.

- Wand of Treachery now rolls for the player similar to other activities as a bonus drop not only from looting tent, but also defeating the guardians of the camp (followers have very rare to rare chance, Warband Leaders have uncommon to rare chance). It now becomes an Augmented item.

- Warband camp inhabitants can also have rare chance of dropping Archon and Warlord TH outfit pieces. Drops can occur even if you use summoning. They can also appear as a bonus loot from tents.

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Konota said:
Solo instanced, yet you're talking about pvp? Mind explaining that a bit more? Am confused.
I do agree that for most, the hours while it's active is annoying to some, though chaning it to a monthly is even more extreme. You're making it even more annoying, unless you mean that can start whenever you want, but am missing that info from your post.. (?)

As of now, no support.

You know how there is some content that only you can see, even though there are other players near by?
They can't see it. They can't interact with it. Only you.
That would be the concept behind instanced.
Only you can kill the warband NPCs that are there because only you could see them.

The PVP aspect would be that because it is out in the Wildy, you do run the risk of being attacked by the Warband AND other players.

As for start time, the Warbands would be present at monthly reset. So essentially just like God Statues, the Giant Oyster, and Troll Invasion.
They would be active at all 3 camp sites. So no "1 in 3 chance of spawn location".
You can go and hit all 3 camps at any point. So you could do 1 per week or do all 3 at once. Up to you.
Once cleared, and looted, you'd have to wait until next monthly reset to repeat the process (or use monthly reset token).

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