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tl;dr version: rework the Ashdale Tutorial a little into a quest.

long version:

Starting Point: Taverly Pub
Requirements: some gp

The quest starts with the player seeing a sign for a Drinking Content. Bored you figure it might make for an interesting but quick diversion or 'quest'.

You wake up starting the events of the tutorial.
The tutorial plays out as before, but with a few dialogue tweaks.

The quest ends with you back in the Taverly Pub, and a better explanation.

During the drinking contest, you and a few other patrons were constantly drawing on the matches.
So in order to determine a winner, they raised the stakes. Since you're an adventurer, the next 'problem' that came in the door. You would solve. The drunken patrons would then also pile on handicaps.

Gudrik came in with his problem of the undead witch.
Since you were already pretty well hammered, you already had the issue of all your stats lowered to 1.
The patrons said you couldn't use anything other than what was on your toolbelt or could get in ashdale.
One patron gave you a rusty bronze sword.

For completing, you get:
A few thousand coins (winning the competition and the bet)
Small XP lamp(s) (awarding a few hundred XP in a skill of choice)
Rusty Bronze Sword cosmetic override

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Additions to the Tutorial:
- addition of starting content
- addition of ending content

Changes in tutorial:
- any dialogue would need to refer to your behavior in a drunken state
- player dialogue chathead uses that 'drunken' animation
- player uses a walking/running animation to make them appear drunk
- player dialogue can also refer to things like giant yellow arrows (situations that lean on the 4th wall, but the dwarf will mention that you're just seeing things)

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