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Include Golden Zamorak Godsword to Diango or Costume Room - Since its a discontinued item. And since it does not degrade unlike Lucky Chaotics, instead put a reclaim fee.

Include Attuned Crystal Armour to Armour Case - I dont know much but since Player-owned Port equipment can be store in Armour case, cant Attuned Crystal Armour do the same? It takes a very long time to collect, but usually only used for fighting Crystal Shapeshifter (for me at least / currently saving up for it using normal crystal armour at the moment)

"Increase 5 & 10" when increasing workers for Anachronia base camp. I was swapping between resources to collect, first focused one but now all 3, and i think it would be convenient to have "Increase 5 / 10 / 15" instead of clicking 15 times. Similar to how we can 'Withdraw x' amount in banks.

Shortcut in Anachronia Agility course - A shortcut from Agility course to, for example, Bagrada Rex, instead of finishing the entire Lap and entering from the South. Functions similar to 'Dense Forest' in Tirannwin

Extra Shortcuts using Enhanced Grappling Hook - Build Structures or such using Anachronia Resource, to be used as Shortcut

Probably useless suggestions but I thought I'll give it a try in case the Jmods gets interested:D
Not going to sugar coat it, First two are mainly me being a hoarder since i would like to collect every item in the game, (I'm very far from it though), and third suggestion i thought it would be very convenient to have.

- Probably useless suggestions as it makes things way too convenient, but in case it actually gets picked up by Jmods.
- Added Agility shortcut
- Added: Extra Shortcuts

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