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Feel like most of machines in inventions arent used alot,maybe they get more <3 from IM and HCIM to save time.Anyways i feel that anyone AFK alot before gote and even more so after now,making porters suck :P even making 500 at time i do it to often.

Suggestion is simple, add machine make porter like planker/alchimizer auto do things that i feel are pretty simple and short actions.Lunar spell planks,running isnt that hard,alching alot of us did that grind before back in day and even now still feel machine make porters isnt waste or atleast any more then one do making unf potion/planks/alching item for u.

Dont think it be balance changer sense it be similar other machine in you only make limited amount per day similar others even if we take account alot slower at like 1/min. or w/e + they already untradable item so only value comes from saving time bank/making skills more afk.

Plus feel invention guild is forgotten about by most people returning player like me and miss invention release,maybe few people enjoy lurking and afk at chest there but real use i feel it collecting that dust.

-------because i know hater going mention it...yes my grammar is bad ,sorry was my worse subject in hs and rarely write or even text anyone. So please if going bash my suggestion because bad grammar go back to fb or snapchat to be hater thnks.

12-Aug-2019 09:13:19

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