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Quest Poster Comp Winner

It’s time to announce the winner of our Quest Film Poster competition!

The prize was an incredible brand-new 42" full-HD Smart LED television, courtesy of our friends at Sony Entertainment - plus a copy of The Amazing Spiderman 2 on Blu-Ray.

We opened a forum thread for you to help us pick a winner, once we’d argued and debated our way down to a final six. We gave your vote a 50% weighting on the final result, with the other 50% coming from our crack team of judges. This made the final result insanely close.

But here’s our winner: Fate of the Gods by Mkoinnich! This poster simply blew us away and was a firm favourite of the judges:

Fate of the Gods poster by Mkoinnich

Massive congratulations to the other five finalists, too, who’ve each earned themselves a month’s membership and a Lost City of the Elves T-shirt!

Missing, Presumed Death by Rodney:

Missing Presumed Death poster by Rodney

Horror from the Deep by Kuznir:

Horror from the Deep posted by Kuznir

Lost City by Cadance:

Ritual of the Mahjarrat by Vengeful Eye:

Ritual of the Mahjarrat poster by Vengeful Eye

Rune Mysteries by Matonym:
Rune Mysteries poster by Matonym

There are loads of other entries that deserve a mention, so we’ll be uploading some of our favourites to our Pinterest board in the coming days –keep an eye out!

Thanks again to everybody who entered – the talent on show really was staggering, we enjoyed looking through every one of your posters.

Happy ‘Scaping!

The RuneScape Community Team

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These are all staggeringly good - such talent! A great shortlist. They should get a title in-game for this ^_^
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23-Sep-2014 10:33:58



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As much as I hoped that our team concept would win I am still happy to see that one of my personal favorite won. Congratz Mkoinnich!

I would love to speak with the finalists, (those) who will be attending RuneFest.

To J-Mods team: Could you please replace the Poster used for my entry here and in the news post with this one?
The one you have used has "CSF" watermarks on it :|
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Congratulations to all our finalists - and to our worthy winner!

Another fantastic example of just how talented the RuneScape player-base is :)

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23-Sep-2014 10:56:16

Visser Three
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I'm quite impressed.

Wonder if Jagex has 4 more TV's just lying around they don't need, the finalist certainly put in a worthy try to win it.

Rune Mysterious would've won my vote, by just the slightest of margins.

(I was really hoping to see a Sheep Shearer poster though :P)

23-Sep-2014 11:46:04

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