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Hi... I've been gold premier for a while now; can I please be added to the VIP forums? I think they said they'd do it every couple of weeks? It's been close to 4... Perhaps I just need to be more patient? :P (And please add my girlfriend Hazel Bay too while you're at it!!!) RastaJedi
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As was said on the thread found here:

We aim to add all the Premier club 2019 members periodically (every 2 weeks-ish) in batches. It's not necessary to post about it somewhere :)

Thus, I don't think it is necessary to post somewhere, just be patient. I can tell you though, the premier forums are not anything amazing. They are even less impressive than the High Level Forums, which are also not amazing (anymore - they used to be lively). Due to the nature of a secluded posting base, specialist forums are fairly dead. So just wait patiently for them to update permissions.
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