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Since the "Skip Question" option has been added to polls, all the polls that have that option have been broken on the website.

They incorrectly factor in the percentage of "Skip Question" voters, when in reality their percentage should be disregarded.

Because of this, the percentage of the other two options on polling pages are incorrect. It makes it difficult to determine whether the specific question on the poll has passed or not, since it requires 75% "Yes" votes, but the "Skip Question" option is changing the value. This is especially troublesome for close votes.

This is a website issue, as the poll percentages function correctly in game.
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25-Sep-2018 22:48:05

Bent Truth
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Draco Burnz said:
Miu said:
If they were fine as is then the in-game poll records wouldn't display different percentages. At the very least, they should be consistent between eachother.

Yet i dont see anything wrong with them.

Currently, the website is displaying inaccurate poll results. That's what's wrong with them.

Support for the original suggestion. :)

10-Dec-2018 21:53:57

Mod Lyon

Mod Lyon

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Dunno what the deal is with people being aggressive.

The polls page is broken. Its something we should fix and I'll poke the right people about if we plan to update this.
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04-Mar-2019 08:55:37

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